Anatomy and physiology of male and female reproductive system, Embryogenesis of male and female reproductive systems, Neural and neuroendocrine reflexes, Mechanisms of action of protein and steroid hormones, Classification of reproductive hormones, Roles of reproductive hormones, Factors affecting the onset of puberty, Factors influencing reproductive cyclicity, Folliculogenesis and oogenesis, Oocyte maturation and ovulation, Physiology of estrous cycle: Follicular Phase, Physiology of estrous cycle: Luteal Phase, Luteinisation and luteolysis, Reproductive behaviour, Sequence of spermatogenesis, Factors influencing sperm production, Physiology of copulation and ejaculation, Sperm transport in the female reproductive tract, Capacitation and fertilization, Early embryogenesis, Maternal recognition of pregnancy, Implantation and placentation, Sex differentiation, Endocrinology of gestation, Endocrinology of parturition, Physiology of puerperium, Physiology of equine reproduction, Physiology of caprine reproduction, Physiology of ovine reproduction, Physiology of canine reproduction, Physiology of feline reproduction

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