This course promotes the approach of evidence-based practice in veterinary medicine and the production of scientifically sound evidence to support clinical activities. Basic skills to utilize the scientific method in practice are taught including: Biostatistics, searching, sourcing, assessing, and applying clinical literature. The assessment and application of the evidence will be enhanced by an enhanced comprehension of building clinical evidence (i.e. clinical research skills). Designed to help students learn about fundamentals of research, including experimental planning and design, research bias, alternatives to animal use and animal welfare, the One Health concept, granting agencies, the components of grant writing and review process, types of research, IACUC, IRB, post-award considerations, how to conduct a research project, analysis of data and interpretation of experimental results, types of data presentations, manuscript preparation, critical evaluation of the scientific literature and on-line resources, and how this knowledge is used in the practice of evidence-based medicine. Students are exposed to active SNU research faculty and student research associates throughout the course.

Credit 2

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