Introduction to Veterinary Anaesthesia, including Pre-anaesthetics and Anaesthetic agents and their uses; Pre-anaesthetic considerations; Types of anaesthesia (local, regional and general), and their clinical applications; Epidural and Paravertebral anaesthesia and their practical demonstration; Local nerve blocks (for dental, eye and horn surgeries and their practical demonstration); Local nerve blocks in limbs for lameness diagnosis and their practical demonstration. Stages of General Anaesthesia and patient monitoring during and after anaesthesia; Anaesthesia under field conditions; Practical demonstration of anaesthetic regimens for small and large animals (including dogs, cats, small ruminants, horses, donkeys, large ruminants and camels); Anaesthetic regimens for birds, exotics, and laboratory animals; Anaesthetic emergencies (cardiac arrest, respiratory failure, shock, acid base imbalance) and their management

Credit 4

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