Awards & Scholarships

Academic Scholarships

Each semester, excellent incoming students at St. Nicholas University: School of Veterinary Medicine, may earn partial-tuition academic scholarships from the school. St. Nicholas University: School of Veterinary Medicine is proud to offer the academic scholarships to students who display exceptional promise in the pursuit of a medical degree. It is our way of rewarding excellence and encouraging individuals to pursue a DVM degree.

At the time of application, candidates must:

  • Have a strong Secondary and / or undergraduate GPA
  • Submit an application requesting the consideration of the Scholarship

Dominica National Student Scholarship

All Dominica National Students upon acceptance into a program at St. Nicholas University: School of Veterinary Medicine are eligible for 50% tuition scholarship.

The Scholarship Review Board

The Scholarship Review Board meets on or around March 15, July 15 and November 15 of each year to review all completed applications for all scholarship awards. All scholarship applications must be complete and ready for review prior to these dates because the staff must prepare the applications for review by the board. Deadlines for receipt of completed scholarship applications are as follows:

  • November 10 for January semester
  • March 10 for May semester
  • July 10 for September semester

The Scholarship Review Board will notify recipients within two weeks of their decision.

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