Dr. Amilcar Arenal at SNU White Coat ceremony.

SNU Professors From Abroad: Dr. Amilcar Arenal

Dr. Amilcar Arenal
Dr. Amilcar Arenal

When visiting St. Nicholas University (SNU), chances are you will meet a smiling, dynamic person greeting you in a kind way. Compassionate, humble, and always ready to help others, it is Dr. Amilcar Arenal, one of SNU’s pillars. Lets have a look at his contribution to veterinary science and his work at SNU.

Dr. Amilcar Arenal brings over two decades of experience and a deep fascination with the natural world to St. Nicholas University (SNU). His journey began in Cuba, where he earned his Ph.D. focused on accelerating shrimp growth through gene transfer. This early dive into aquaculture sparked a lifelong interest, but Dr. Arenal’s curiosity extends far beyond the water. He has explored fascinating fields like using fish for biomedical research and the intricate world of parasites in both ruminant animals and bees.

Throughout his career, Dr. Arenal has nurtured countless students at various universities, including SNU. Witnessing the spark of discovery ignite in young minds fuels his passion for teaching. Since 1999, he has actively contributed to veterinary medicine education and research at prestigious institutions like the Oslo Veterinary School, the Veterinary Faculty at the University Federal of Parana, and Ghent University. During this time, he has not only mentored veterinary students but also played a key role in international research projects, publishing over 75 articles in esteemed veterinary and related journals.

Dr. Amilcar Arenal at SNU White Coat ceremony.
Dr. Amilcar Arenal at SNU White Coat ceremony.

Dr. Arenal’s dedication extends beyond the classroom. He has supervised more than 30 Master’s students and guided 10 students to successful PhD completions, tackling diverse topics in veterinary medicine and agriculture. His expertise is recognized internationally: he has reviewed PhD theses, participated in postgraduate studies, and served as editor for prestigious veterinary and agricultural journals.

SNU offers a refreshing change for Dr. Arenal. Unlike larger institutions, SNU’s smaller class sizes allow him to create a more personal and impactful learning experience. He tailors his teaching methods to effectively engage each student, ensuring a deeper understanding of the subject matter.

He is consistently impressed by the caliber of students at SNU. The Caribbean student body demonstrates a strong academic foundation and an insatiable curiosity, creating a stimulating intellectual environment that benefits both students and educators.

Internationalization is another hallmark of SNU. The diverse faculty and student body from across the globe share their unique perspectives and expertise, fostering a truly international learning environment. Active exchange programs further broaden horizons and expose students to new ideas and approaches.

Dr Arenal with SNU student
Dr. Arenal with SNU student.

Dr. Arenal brings over a decade of experience as a vice-dean, dean, and vice-chancellor in veterinary schools. In these leadership roles, he played a crucial role in securing accreditation of excellence for veterinary medicine programs. This proven track record positions him perfectly for his current role as Academic Dean at SNU.

Dr. Arenal is a driving force behind setting and maintaining the highest standards for education and research at SNU. He actively encourages both professors and students to strive for excellence, fostering a culture of continuous learning and discovery. His leadership and dedication contribute to SNU’s position at the forefront of academic excellence within the Caribbean and beyond.

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