Dr. Michelle Tilghman Visits SNU

Dr. Tilghman at SNU in Dominica

Welcome back to our humble blog.
It is hard to write about little local events when at the same time innocent people are being bombed in Europe by a madman, affecting the whole world’s stability. We pray for justice and peace for all people being affected by despotism, brutality, dirty political games and acts of war – in Ukraine and in other parts of the world too.

But hey, this is not a political blog and our university continues its educational work. Therefore we need to report on our things even if they seem small through the lens of international events. So, here we go:

We had some exciting events here at St Nicholas University in recent weeks. Here is one of them, with others to be presented here soon.

We had an exciting visit in February. Dr Michelle L. Tilghman from Loving Touch Animal Center in beautiful Georgia, USA, came for a tour of our campus and Animal Rescue facilities, She also spent time sharing her experience with SNU students.

Graduate of The University of Georgia, Dr.. Tilghman is an authority and much-sought practitioner of integrative veterinary medicine, combining proven strength of Western medicine with proven practices of Eastern Medicine.

During Dr. Tilghman’s presentation

As our university also keeps a wider profile, adding alternative medicine (such as acupuncture, physio, and other) aspects to our teachings – it was a fascinating opportunity to hear Dr. Tilghman during her presentation.

She touched on many important subjects enhancing typical veterinary help, such as importance of post-surgery physical therapy, explaining about importance in investing in such additional methods in a veterinary practice.

She also shared with us comments on several difficult veterinary cases that – thanks to adding a broader approach to diagnosing and treatment – ended with success.

It was a lecture warmly received by students, who had opportunity to ask questions and gain a better insight into Dr. Tilghman’s practice.

Once again we would like to thank Dr. Tilghman for stopping in Dominica by during her travels, and for visiting St Nicholas University. We hope our roads will cross again!

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