A Fun Easter Sunday

St Nicholas University joined with St Nicholas Animal Rescue to visit the CHANCES – The Children’s Home – during Easter Sunday 2022.

Some of you may remember that last Christmas season volunteers from St Nicholas Animal Rescue visited the Chances, delivering gifts and bringing joy to many children. That was another event sponsored in part by St Nicholas University, you can read this story about it here:

This time our Animal Rescue volunteers along with some of University professionals organized Easter barbecue for CHANCES children. They also had fun time playing domino with kids, spending time with them and teaching animal welfare and care. Dr Ramirez Perez, a veterinarian Professor from University also explained importance of animal vaccination, demonstrating the procedure of vaccination and de-worming both cats and dogs for the resident pets at CHANCES.

Management of CHANCES discussed with us future events for children to be organized at the University campus, where many of Rescue animals are sheltered. Children will have a chance to play with rescued dogs, engage in animal care activities, perhaps also adopting a puppy or two.

Another important aspect of developing close ties with CHANCES also has been discussed: a possibility of first job opportunities at our University and Rescue for older teenagers leaving the CHANCES home and looking for their first independent job.

It was a fun time for all, and Animal Rescue volunteers along with St Nicholas University are delighted for another opportunity to give back to the community, also bringing rescue animals closer to children’s hearts.

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