SNU Overseas Clinical Rotations – interview

As our President Dr Naderkhani is touring British Columbia, Canada, to visit in person clinics and hospitals offering students of SNU their clinical rotations (an important part of finishing their DVM studies) we would like to present an interview with Dr Mahdi Botyari of Champlain Animal Clinic in Vancouver area.

It has to be said – Dr Naderkhani is not only selecting best clinics as partners of St Nicholas University, but also these that are approved and can also help with preparation for ECFVG certification – which gives you possibility of working in Canada, USA, and some other countries (including Europe). Such selections give our students best possible education and chances after getting their DVM diploma. She is hard at work selecting what is really the best for our students, to make sure SNU offers value and quality of education.

This interview gives a valuable insight not only into details of such student clinical rotations, but many other important aspects.

Surgery room at Champlain
Surgery room detail at Champlain

Dr Botyari himself arrived to Canada with a foreign diploma, and he shares with Dr Naderkhani his experience of obtaining ECFVG certification, tips for best scores on your rotations, as well as his impressions on starting work in Canada.

By the way – if you are interested in studying at SNU and perhaps opening your vet clinic or starting your career in Canada – pay attention to that part of interview. Canada is for years very short of qualified veterinarians, and our graduates can receive an “express” entry and permanent residency in Canada, starting their work with an impressive income.
We have all necessary details and are happy to share with our students. By studying at SNU in Dominica you can save lots of cost, and then start your career with a bang!

Anyway, lets go to the interview. Thank you, Dr Naderkhani! All the best with remains of your travels.
And – if YOU want to study abroad, have an adventure of life time, save money and get quality veterinary education – check details of our site out – and apply on line. Cheers!

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