A Trip Around Our Island

As every semester, before studies begin during orientation week, SNU organized some attractive sight-seeing trips for newly arrived students. It already became a tradition helping students to get familiar with Dominica, to enjoy it and plan their own hiking excursions. There are so many fantastic places to see in Dominica – the whole studies may not be enough to discover all of them!

While previous semester students enjoyed a yacht trip in search for whales, January semester students went on horseback riding, snorkeling and diving at Champagne Beach (quite unique experience, actually – swimming among champagne-like bubbles created by underwater volcanic activity).

There were more attractions, like visiting various places along the shore, and ending one of days with a refreshing dip in famous Emerald Pool – one of several Dominica’s UNESCO natural treasures.

at Emerald Pool.

In next posts we will introduce some of our Professors from abroad, and also hope to share this space with student contributors, telling things as they see them. So, until next time! Cheers!

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