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Our Professors from Abroad: Dr. Louise Le Roux

In previous post I mentioned that we plan to introduce our Faculty, at least some of our lecturers who are from abroad, adding to the unique blend of cultures and experiences one can notice at St Nicholas University. It is this unique blend that makes us stronger and more attractive, adding to a wider learning experience. Yes, of course we have Professors from Dominica who contribute a lot to our education. We will get them introduced too. But lets first introduce progressively those who come from abroad, bringing their various knowledge, teaching style, and different life experience to our classrooms.

As the first person, allow me to present to you Dr. Louise Le Roux. Here are some words of introduction I heard during our short chat:

Dr. Le Roux with students, enjoying a horseback ride during an Island Tour in January 2022

Where did you study? What were your “milestones”?
I studied in South Africa – a Bsc biological sciences – Botany & Zoology. Received Honors degree in zoology. MSc Zoology in 2001. Then, my life changed – I had my 3 daughters in 2002, 2004, 2006.
In 2007 I returned to University of Johannesburg to start a PhD in zoology- thesis – study of a parasite ( monogenean flatworm) on a freshwater fish species.

I also taught natural science to high school students between 2001 and 2006
While i was doing the PhD I taught a microbiology course; water-born diseases. At times I have also taught at home school centers and done some volunteering at primary schools – just to have more experience. I have always really loved teaching at all educational levels.

And now – you are teaching at St. Nicholas University in Dominica. How is it?
Yes, I teach here and also work as a Dean of Academic Affairs.
I find working and teaching at SNU a wonderful opportunity for growth and personal development.
I enjoy working in the SNU family. I said – family, because really – it feels like one. I like that classes are small, that everyone knows each other. Students get individual attention and opportunities to develop their skills.

I also love that SNU is connected to SNAR (St. Nicholas Animal Rescue) – saving abused and abandoned animals and making a difference in that way. Just being a part of this feels is so good – and of course it adds another experience to our students.

At SNU during opening of a new semester

And how is your personal experience of Dominica?
After my husband and I visited Dominica in 2017 and fell in love with the Nature island, we decided to move here. So, we are here with our whole family now. We are so happy to be accepted by the community and all the people of Dominica. Living in a relaxed safe environment is a dream come true for us as a family.

Thank you very much for sharing your story on our blog!
Thank you, Dr. Le Roux for this short chat. We will post more profiles of our Faculty, along with posts on other subjects.

And – thanks to you for reading our blog. if you wish to comment, request other interviews or post subjects, please do so below. Until next time! Cheers!

Derek G.

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