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A few months ago we posted quick news about an article published by one of our professors from abroad – Dr Yankiel Ramirez Perez. Today we are happy to say that our distinguished colleague and acclaimed Veterinary Doctor Ramirez Perez contributed again to the scientific community in a paper from Brazil – Brazilian Journal of Animal and Environmental Research – and not with just one, but two new articles. Veterinary research makes for regular part of our team’s work here at St Nicholas University: School of Veterinary Medicine in Dominica. Such contributions show our vibrant research work by our experts in the field of veterinary medicine.

Both articles, written with contribution by Dr Perez’ counterparts in Cuba – focus on research on Buffalo species in Cuba. While – being published in Brazil for international Journal – they are in Portuguese, they can be simply downloaded and translated to the language of your choice using this Google tool

We invite all scientific minds interested in veterinary research to visit the Journal through both links below.
Thank you, Dr Ramirez Perez, and thank you – our readers – for your interest. Until next time!

Photo on top: Dr Perez explains a medical procedure to his students

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